Family Devotionals

Two devotional options to support your family and your budget:

  • Support FARM by purchasing a copy of the illustrated journal, Papa’s Axioms: Thoughts and scriptures for everyday life through Amazon here:


  • OR Download daily, family centered devotions for FREE! (see links below)
    • Quote from author: “I started writing these devotions for my son as he ventured out of our home and into the world of higher education. It was my desire to give him an anchor to both home and the values that he was raised on. I now offer them to you. Some may be dated, as with the ones I wrote following the Columbine tragedy, but I have left them in for what insight they might offer. It is crucial, no matter what your destination in life is, that the very Word of God be your constant companion. I hope that these insights from my world will help you look at God’s Word from a new perspective. May God go with you as you venture forth. Life is a journey, not just a destination.” -Rudy Bauer
  • FREE download: Devobook Volume One
  • FREE download: Devobook Volume Two