Retreat Center Development


The concept of operations for the religious camp is a decentralized footprint of Yurts and recreational vehicle (RV) sites dispersed over the acreage to provide a setting that families will be comfortable in regardless of COVID or other pandemic issues. A family can choose to stay at a site that is more than 100 feet away from the next nearest site and only partake in programs that they feel comfortable with. The Yurts will be thoroughly cleaned between each family’s stay. Activities during the day; zip line, climbing wall, and hikes, will all be managed with an appropriate distance between participants. Families can choose to join in BBQs and other evening activities that they are comfortable with. There will also be resources that describe the nearby activities that can be of interest to a family on vacation.

The site will have 35 Yurts and 35 RV sites. There is also planned a zip line and climbing wall, as well as a pool. An outdoor amphitheater and a semi-enclosed chapel will be the location for most of the programing that will be offered, including worship services, campfires, sing-a-longs, story telling, puppet shows, and the like. There will be central water, sewer (via septic), and electricity at each site. Access will be via small dirt trail, access routes. There also will be a main house and staff housing.

Mountain Hub Concept Plan

River Hub Concept Plan

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