Our Staff

Rudy Bauer – Executive Director


Rudy Bauer founded FARM over a decade ago when God called him to family ministry. He feels passionately about providing resources to parents, especially fathers, to help them lead their children in the faith. As a father of seven, Rudy understands many of the obstacles facing families, and wants to use his experience to help others in their faith walk. Rudy lives in the Rocky Mountains but spends much of his time traveling the country for work, mission, and visiting his children.

Hannah Olsen – Assistant Director

IMGP8909-1Hannah Olsen has been working on and off part-time for FARM for over five years. As a new mother, Hannah knows the struggles many parents face in their transition into parenthood. She hopes to help provide encouraging resources for families that help focus them on Christ and enable them to live the joyful life God desires for them. She wants to help families grow closer together, using Christ as their bond. Hannah lives in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and loves to travel to visit her family.